His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swami’s filled the auditorium packed hall of 2500 with beautiful melodies, tunes and colourful classical renditions of Hindustani Ayurvedic music on Saturday, 22nd September 2012 at the Royal Albert Hall, London.  The two hour long musical extravaganza brought a more special meaning to the exalted status Royal Albert Hall holds among the premier music venues in the world.

The goal of performing this great concert was first conceived on 21st December 2006 during a SDHS Volunteer camp at Bhadrachalam took its final shape during the concert in 2012.  London is having a superb 2012. The Queen’s Jubilee event, success of Olympics and now Pujya Swamiji’s music as a Blessing to this Blessed city.

Royal Albert Hall has been one of world’s greatest performing hall and has held on to its status since its inauguration in 1871.  The music for Meditation and Healing started in Amsterdam in 1987 and 2012 is the 25th year of this epic musical journey of Pujya Sri Swamiji to speed the efficacy of Music as a therapeutical tool.

Devotees from across the world assembled in London to listen to Pujya Sri Swamiji perform. The chosen melody musicians to play with Sri Swamiji today were – Dr. Manjunath on violin, Sri Jaitra on Violin, Sri Mani on support keyboard and Sri. Mahesh Bhat on Tala.  The Rhythm musicians were lead by Dr. Ella Venkateshwara Rao on Mridangam, Sri. Suresh on Ghatam and Sri. Shankar Ramesh on Mridangam.

The chosen compositions were

  1. Pranava Svarupam, Raga – Rushyaketupriya
  2. Namo Namo Ganapataye, Raga – Dharmavati
  3. Naadaloka Raaga Sagara. comprising of
  4. Govinada saananda, Raga Eeshaanana (created by Sri Swamiji)
    • Puttugam Sri Raga – created by Sri Swamiji
    • Nara Naraayana Devane, Raga Shubhaali
    • Gouritaayae, Raga Chakravakam
  5. Tani Avartanam
  6. Raga Ragini Mangalam, Raga Sama

The concert started with the release of 2 publications namely:

  • A specially commissioned double CD set “The Collective – Anthology of Pujya Sri Swamiji’s music for meditation from 1987 – to 2012 – a 25 year Silver Jubilee journey”.
  • An English edition of “Raga Ragini Nada Yoga” containing 25 years of music therapy theory and information

The musical program commenced and sadly concluded with attendees fully immersed and lost to the sounds of music.
Please step through the slide reel below to witness key moments of the concert.


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