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Kartika Pournima: Satyanarayan Vratam

Dear All,
Jai Guru Datta, Jai Śri Ram, Jai Śri Hanuman

Join us online with your family and friends to participate via Facebook at Hanuman Hindu Temple – LondonALL PRAYERS LIVE VIA FACEBOOK (Click Photo)


Registration Process

  1. A voluntary donation is requested (Archana / Pūjā)
  2. Send Name + Nakshatra & Gotra OR Date of Birth via OR WhatsApp: 07466334961
    Please mention the sponsorship event + Archana / Pūjā and the date to be conducted
  3. Registration closes 4 hours before start of function
  4. Priest will pray on your behalf and announce your names
Donation / Sponsorship AppealPlease support the Temple by sponsoring and donating to support the Temple activities

Payment Instructions

  • Beneficiary:    Sri Datta Yoga Centre UK
  • Barclays Sort Code:    20-97-58
  • A/C:    20 08 92 57
  • IBAN:    GB84 BARC 2097 5820 0892 57
On bank transfer, please state your name + Event as Bank Reference

Stay Safe, Stay Alert & Follow UK government guidelines

For further information, devotees are requested to contact the Temple via

Please support the temple

Warm Regards
Temple Committee

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