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Shree Devi Navaratri 2021

Dear All,
Jai Ambe, Jai Sri Ram, Jai Sri Hanuman
Devotees are encouraged to visit and actively participate in person
Devotees are requested to wear a mask at all timesSHREE DEVI NAVARATRI PRAYERS as per UK local time
7th to 15th October

  • Daily prayers evening 7:00pm “LIVE” broadcast
  • Devi Māta Homa – 10 Oct Morning 11:00am “LIVE” broadcast
Donation Request

  • All days Devi Navaratri excluding Homa = £108
  • One day Navaratri pooja = £15
  • Devi Matā Homa = £21
We humbly request devotees to sponsor flowers, fruits, garlands
Bank Details
– Beneficiary: Sri Datta Yoga Centre UK
– Barclays Sort Code:    20-97-58
– A/C:    20 08 92 57
– IBAN:    GB93 BUKB 2097 5820 0892 57
On bank transfer, please state your name + Event as Bank Reference


Registration Process

  1. A donation as per above details
  2. Send Name + Nakshatra & Gotra OR Date of Birth via OR WhatsApp: 07466334961
    Please mention the sponsorship event + Archana / Pūjā and the date to be conducted
  3. Registration closes 4 hours before start of function
  4. Priest will pray on your behalf and read your names during pooja sankalpa

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