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AUG 23-26 London visit of Pujya Datta Swamiji

Dear All,
Jai Shree Ram, Jai Shree Hanuman, Jai Guru Datta
We invite all to participate during the upcoming prayers
(Devotees visiting the Temple are requested to wear a mask at all times)


Good news
Parama Pujya Shree Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji will visit Hanuman Hindu Temple, London from 23 to 26 August 2022. 

Tue 23
– Sri Swamiji arrives after 12 noon at Hanuman Hindu Temple
– Welcome & Darshan @ 7pm onwards
– Gita Recitation by Students
Wed 24 @ 7pm onwards
– Sri Chakra Pooja + discourse
Thur 25 @ 7pm onwards
– Sri Chakra Pooja + discourse
Fri 26
– Sri Swamiji departs at 6am to India


Devotees are requested to contact Temple for sponsorship of the event  OR  Whatsapp: 07466334961


Temple Committee

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