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Dear All,
Jai Shree Ram, Jai Shree Hanuman, Jai Guru Datta
We invite all to participate in the upcoming functions
Save time….Register in advance via Email/Whatsapp!
(Devotees visiting the Temple are requested to wear a mask at all times)
H.H. SRI SWAMIJI’S 80th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONSLISTEN TO: India’s Honorable PM: Shree Narendra Modiji wishing
Pujya Shree Swamiji a Happy 80th Birthday

Join in for 3-day Guru Mahotsava
Sankalpa will be performed in the name of
Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji

THURSDAY 26 @ 7pm
H.H. Shree Swamiji’s 80th Birthday

(No Livestream)
Sadguru Paduka Pooja
Sankalpa: in the name of Sri Swamiji

SATURDAY 28 @ 11am
Hanuman Sindoora Pooja
(Facebook Live)
Sankalpa: in the name of Sri Swamiji

SUNDAY 29 @ 11am
Shree Ganapati & Shree Hanuman Homa
(No Livestream)
Sankalpa: in the name of Sri Swamiji

Devotees are requested to sponsor in name of Sri Swamiji only

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