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JOIN Batch8: Gita Maha-Yajna

Bhagavadgītā Mahāyajña Batch#8 (2022-23)

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Are you interested in learning the entire Gītā (700 Ślokās) in 10 months, the essence of all the Upaniṣads and the life-transforming message of Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa! The Gītā Mahāyajña program has trained 3000+ memorizers and 2000+ fluent readers worldwide over 7 batches.

Register now for Batch#8 to learn the Gītā with authoritative memorization and authentic pronunciation with emphasis on meanings! Upon registering, you will receive a livestream link to participate virtually in the Historic Gītā Sahasragala Event on Aug 13th 2022 in Dallas, TX. Witness for yourself, as 1500+ memorizers and 700+ trained fluent readers recite the entire Gītā, in this historic event!

👉  Please register before Aug 15th 2022.

👉  Upon registration, details of the orientation sessions and class schedule will be sent in August, by the center teacher.

Gītā Mahāyajña : Be Part of the Historic Movement:

The Bhagavadgītā Mahāyajña program was envisioned in 2015 by Parama Pūjya Śrī Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji (Avadhoota Datta Peetham, Mysuru, India).

3000+ memorizers (children and adults) have aspired and achieved this extraordinary task in 7 batches of 10 months each. The Gītā Mahāyajña movement now has a presence across the globe in over 14 countries and nearly 30 teaching centers in North America!

Why Study BhagavadGītā?

● A complete life transforming manual.

● Bestows great material and spiritual success.

● Imparts leadership, management and team building skills.

● Frees from negativities of depression, conflicts, fear, anger, hatred etc.

● Helps to lead a balanced life.


Mahāyajña Team

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