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Shree Rama Navami

Dear All,
Jai Sri Ram, Jai Sri Hanuman, Jai Guru Datta
We invite all to participate in the upcoming functions
(Devotees visiting the Temple are requested to wear a mask at all times)
@ 11am onwards

  • Rama Navami Celebrations Facebook Live
    Rama Parivara Pooja & Abhishekam

    • £15 – Pooja
    • £5 – Archana

Evening @ 6pm onwards (No Livestream)
Join us to celebrate together in the Temple for the FINAL day of Chaitra Devi Navaratri

  • Śri Devi Mata Pooja & Aarati
    • £15 – Pooja
    • £5 – Archana
The Priest will perform sankalpa in name of registered donor families* and perform pooja/archana
*Family means husband, wife + unmarried children
We humbly request devotees to sponsor Fruits & Flowers

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